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Millionaire Mindset: The One Secret to Success.

T. Harv Eker, author of the NY Times bestseller (over 2 million copies sold) “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” gives us the one true secret of the millionaire mindset.

What if in grammar school we were taught the single most important lesson of success?

Wouldn’t it be great if universities existed for the development of a millionaire mindset?

Unfortunately, it’s up to us to grow and nurture our own minds and get to the millionaire mindset through practice and self-education. Fortunately, it’s possible for us to change and grow. We are adaptable and regardless of age and background, we can create a million dollar future.

Here’s the down and dirty synopsis: The millionaire mindset is produced not inherited, granted, or given. When you hold on to limiting beliefs that were modeled from unsuccessful or struggling people . . . that’s what your mind is filled with. “Do what you’ve always done and you’ll get what you always have.”

Most of us didn’t have access to the greatest experts. We didn’t learn the success formula because no one we knew was teaching it. Instead, we floundered our way through making decisions based on what we heard, saw, or thought was the best, but really it betrayed our desired outcome. Development of our millionaire mindset was stunted due to lack of exposure.


Because our mind is hard wired to do two things. It does these to things very well.

Those two things are avoiding effort (to conserve energy for survival) and limiting pain (to reduce expending emotional energy).

The secret is this; First, stop listening to mind and Then reform your thoughts to work for you. That’s it. That’s all it takes to produce success my creating a mindset of growth and abundance.

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The Secrets of Online Millionaire Guru’s

Entrepreneurship wasn’t always a course of study and the millionaire mindset still isn’t offered as a professional certificate. It isn’t slated for a single profession.

It’s an outcome. An outcome that comes from thousands of hours of dedicated commitment. It takes self-motivation and discipline. It develops once you break through the employee mindset bottleneck and start seeking answers to wealth and abundance.

You probably thought of millionaires as only coming from millionaire families. You also probably thought that rags to riches stories included some great act or moment of fortune that lead to a life of prosperous business. You may have even thought it was just dumb luck.

It is instead a result based on effort. Yup . . . One of those things your mind wants you to avoid. Here’s the good news. You don’t have to sweat it out through years of trial and failure. You don’t have to be born wealthy either. Lastly, you don’t have to wait to enjoy your hard one wages after your retired and in the late stage of life.

What you must do is take action. You have to find mentors that have been there and are willing to share their stories, processes and even their businesses. This will cut your learning curve to consistently practicing tested and proven strategy.

When you commit to acting on what your mentor shows you and you interact with a community of like-minded people your mind starts to change. It starts to accept a millionaire mindset. It wants to belong and finds value in your social interactions. When those interactions focus on a disciplined approach to creating wealth and freedom your mind follows along.





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