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5 Marketing Cliches To Avoid

When becoming a part of the marketing industry, it is important to avoid marketing cliches that confuse your clients and hinder your performance. Being marketers it is your duty to inform and help your customer. Write valuable content. I will highlight the cliches that you should always be careful about.

1. Getting overexcited with the use of acronyms.

When writing as marketers, many tend to come up with acronyms which they start using quite often in their content. This marketing clichÈ costs you your clients and potential customers because they are unaware of these acronyms and understand nothing you write. To avoid this commonly used clichÈ, think about your audience when you write. Out acronym in brackets with the original phrase so the client understands what you mean. Spell it out even if it is obvious.

2. The method of using the postal system is lame in this digital world.

The era might be that of digital marketing but the main point of marketing is to engage with the client and gain his attention. Sending a direct mail is actually the most interactive because the client sees the content for the longest time, even if it is just until picking it up and throwing it. This marketing cliche engages the client and is absolutely not true.

3. Everything thing should look designed.

Marketing is related to attraction. To increase this attraction many marketers stick to the clichÈ that the more polished the content and website will look, the more customers will be attracted. This marketing clichÈ, in fact, leads to more complication because while focusing on designing the pattern can become difficult for the client to understand. The text and design should be simple for easy usage by the client. Plain text outweighs highly embellished fonts and images.

4. Keep the content short and simple.

This modern marketing cliche has taken over many who think that the less you write, the easier it is for the client to understand. This stands falsely because while trying to keep the content short, you can skip out on important details. Moreover, marketers believe that attention span of readers is small which is false as studies have proven it to capacitate up till 1600 words. Make use of this and donít cut out information under this cliche.

5. Use low hanging fruits while writing.

A marketing cliche such as this emphasizes on making a simple sentence over complicated and lengthening it just to gain more fruit. As the cliche implies, the longer you stretch the sentence, the heavier it becomes and according to the modern marketers, the more fruit it bears. However, this cliche is actually false because it decreases the competition and also adds confusion for the reader.

This marketing cliche gives no substance to the content and only adds length. In the marketing industry, your aim should be to increase the competition, not decrease it.

Avoid this cliche by keeping it simple. Marketing cliche’s have increased over time making it difficult for clients as well as other marketers.

Marketing should be highly engaging with the clients and fully understanding of their needs. Start avoiding these marketing cliche’s to improve your performance, increase followers and maintain high competition in the market.

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